What is Off Popular?

It's the change. Or life.

Because what doesn't change is dead.

I crave to kill my routine and -

bring new colors & ideas to my life. I just wonder -- why?

What Off Popular means?

It's off the popular track. It's so abnormal -

it's even at risk of becoming fashionable overnight and sparking an explosive trend.

But we don't give a shit. Because we reckon -

it's nothing more than off//popular cycle...

What is Off Popular cycle?

It's going from one to many, and back to one.

Entrepreneurs launch startups that grow into gigantic corporations -

which they depart to passionately start over from scratch.

Mass thinking is conglomerating into few huge ideas, until -

great opposing forces accumulate, making the old ideas obsolete.

These are all cycles that we understand, but -

What do we truly care about?

We cherish that voice from our hearts.

We simply cannot live and feel at home, if -

our heart is suffering!

And for our hearts to thrive, we must pursue the -


But how?

We must wear the unwearables:

We must use the unusables:

We must hang on our walls the unhangables:

We must decorate our rooms with the undecoratables:

... why?


deep in your heart, you feel -

that your blood desires something -

that is truly yours.

Something that cracks your frozen bones.

Something that does not belong to the masses.

Until (at least) tomorrow...