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Shipping and returns


We offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING if your cart total is $100 or more. For a smaller cart, we'll calculate a real shipping rate.

Free shipping offer is not valid if your cart contains Framed posters or Canvas products.

However, you'll still get free shipping for other items in your cart, if their value is $100 or more. You'll just have to pay for the shipping of Framed posters or Canvas. (No need to submit two separate orders.)


Sometimes we offer completely free shipping for some of our products (like inspirational pillow covers), regardless of cart size. If you're ordering a special/promotional product, please disregard the section above (#2)


Products are manufactured in 3-5 days after we've received your payment.

Products are shipped via post from our production locations in the USA, UK, Gibraltar, Latvia and Lithuania. Shipping time depends on your geographical location - usually it will take 3-10 business days. We can also arrange express shipping for an additional fee - contact us by email to discuss your needs.

Some products might be shipped in separate packages.

(!) Please keep in mind that we don't mass produce our products - they're all made on demand, just for you, hand crafted with love. So, it's natural that you'll have to wait a bit to receive your item. But, we promise - it'll be more than worth it! Thank you for your understanding. Exception is our promotional/special products - they can be mass produced:

(!!) Small portion of our products (special/promotional ones, like inspirational pillow covers) are mass produced in our Chinese manufacturing facilities, in order to save costs and offer the lowest price for our customers (including free shipping). As a result, delivery of these special/promotional items can take longer - up to 30-60 days.


We chose NOT to have flat shipping rates - instead, we're charging you the real, honest shipping rates, based on your address that you provide during checkout. We don't like flat rates as it's usually calculated by averages, which would be unfair for customers who are buying just 1 or 2 items (who likes to pay $10 shipping for a $5 cart?!).

Our shipping price that you see on checkout page is the lowest rate provided from the actual carriers real-time. We do not make profit on shipping.

And we don't inflate our product prices - that's why we can only offer free shipping for orders over $100, otherwise we'd be selling at a loss or we'd need to compromise our product quality (which we'd never do). In other words - there's no free lunch in this world. Thank you for understanding.


Shipments outside of the USA may incur customs fees, depending on the destination country. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors. Majority of our items fall below taxable value thresholds, however, you should always consult with your local authorities.


If unsatisfied, you can return your items within 14 days after receiving them.


Buyer, who wants to amend an unshipped order, has to immediately contact us to find out if the changes are still possible. If we agree to make changes, we'll let you know about that, and any additional fees (if applicable). When the new agreement is reached, manufacturing process continues as usual.

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