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OffPopular's mission to build open-air galleries in art-deprived locations

We dedicate 1% of our revenues to build open-air galleries in art-deprived locations around the world.

For every order made on OffPopular, we can print and hang approximately one A4 size colored picture. That means, 1000 orders = 1000 pictures in open spaces, making our world more beautiful!

This decision was set in stone by OffPopular's founder Tomas Vyšniauskas. As Tomas said:

"There are many online marketplaces similar to OffPopular, where you can buy lifestyle products with various designs. But the problem is that most of them are lifeless and faceless businesses. I wanted to give OffPopular more meaning, a mission that elevates our souls and connects us for the goal of creating something valuable for the mankind.

But I didn't want to just give away 1% of our revenues to some charity organization. Because I don't know how that money is used, I have no control. I asked myself: what's something that truly matters to me?

I always liked observing my city, taking pictures and showing them to people. Most of the time I'd get comments like: oh I haven't seen that in my city! No way, my city doesn't look so beautiful! And I'd answer: no, it does. It's just that you're looking at the ground when you're walking, that's why you haven't noticed.

So I felt I have a mission to show how beautiful our world is to people who haven't realized that yet. When walking through places, I started to notice that there are too many empty walls. Without any beauty, any art. I felt that I'd put paintings or pictures on ALL of them, if I could. *Moment of silence*. But hey, I can do it! Why not?!"

So that's how it started. One evening of August 2018, Tomas, together with his friend Rimantas set off to hang ~25 pictures in 7 different locations in Vilnius, Lithuania. He didn't choose prime locations that are already beautiful. Instead, he went under bridges and underground passages and hung the pictures there - in those unattractive places, where people don't expect any art all.

While hanging the pictures, Tomas said: "I feel that we (especially, men) create wars when we fail to appreciate what's good and beautiful. By bringing art to more people around the world, I hope to encourage them to appreciate beauty (and create it!). In that way, I expect the world to become more peaceful. When aggression stops and peace is established, prosperity and well-being come naturally."

The mission will continue as OffPopular grows. 1% of your order always goes to the mission of building open-air galleries in art-deprived locations around the world.

I wish you best of luck in your life and may it become the highest expression of love. founder Tomas Vyšniauskas

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